The Benefits of Automatic Garage Doors

As technology develops, many are making the change and switching to automatic garage doors. They have a range of benefits that a homeowner can enjoy.

Read on to find out more about some of the benefits of installing automatic garage doors.


Automatic garage doors are a lot safer than manual models. As they are controlled by a remote or other type of device to open and shut automatically, there is no danger of leaving the doors open or unlocked. Most models have a mechanism that allows the door to be locked and unlocked remotely.

Automatic doors are also harder to get into. They usually don’t have any locks to pick or windows to break, meaning it would be a lot harder for a potential robber to try and get in. The remote control is usually the only method to get inside, so without that, it is impossible to get inside.

If you live in an unsafe area, having automatic doors will make you feel safer when arriving home at night, as you can easily be inside the safety of your own home without having to leave the car. And it might seem obvious and is not just applicable to automatic doors but to all garages, parking your car in a garage decreases the chance of it getting stolen considerably. Out of sight, out of danger.


When it’s pouring with rain or winds are buffeting you, there’s nothing worse than having to get out of your car to manually open a garage door. Automatic garage doors eliminate this problem entirely! You can just sit in the warmth of your car, press a button and watch your garage open without needing your assistance. Then simply drive in and park without exposing yourself to the harsh elements outside.

Some doors enable you to operate them from quite a distance, so the doors stand open and ready for the precise moment your car pulls up. This saves time and makes the process of parking as streamlined as possible.

Refresh Your Curb Appeal

Your garage doors might’ve been installed when the house was constructed, which could be quite a while ago. Over time they could look unfashionable, or simply be worn from exposure to the elements. So change them up with sleek and modern automatic doors. Automatic doors can be installed in a range of styles, colours and finishes, perfect for your style and requirements.

Cornwall Garage Doors

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